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project 1

Locomotive 6703 Move & Restoration

Locomotive 6703 is on its way from Grand Forks to the Victoria Roundhouse for full restoration!

Follow 6703's move from Grand Forks to Victoria by visiting the dedicated 6703 webpage HERE

More information on this donation and the locomotive itself can be viewed at

project 2

Locomotive 696 Move & Restoration

Locomotive 696 was recently donated to the E&N Division by Paper Excellence Crofton.

As the move of this unit gets underway from Crofton to Victoria Roundhouse stay tuned!

Photo documentation of this restoration will follow once the unit is moved on to Victoria.

An informative document has been compiled by Aidan Perret and can be viewed HERE

Photos below courtesy of Ken Perry, Aidan Perret, and David Davies

project 3

Coombs Siding & museum Project

The E&N Division CRHA working with Alberni Pacific Railway and the Coombs Community are undertaking a museum rail project that will see a transformation of the Coombs landscape. Over the past year, we have met with Alberni Pacific Railway and Regional District members, Regional District of Nanaimo Parks Department, including planning and museum societies. They share our vision of a rail interpreted museum that will include the use of our E&N Division's historic rail equipment. This project will also promote the Alberni Pacific Railway's steam train operation and possibly a new home to the Coombs Museum.


Plans were drawn and presented to all the interested parties. Site work has started with clearing of over sixty years of vegetation growth. Several extensive work parties have completed initial work that included grading, ballast, and the installation of a switch and track off the current Port Alberni Subdivision of the E&N Railway. This project is currently being supported by volunteers and companies providing heavy equipment.


The E&N Division CRHA and our East End Track Gang (EETG) have worked tirelessly on a number of levels with planners and the community of Coombs, jointly with Alberni Pacific Railway (APR) in making this project come to life and receiving official approval from the Island Corridor Foundation (ICF).


Click Here to view project plans and official ICF approval.


We will keep you posted as to the progress! Here are some photos of this undertaking:

project 4

Fairmont Brush cutter Restoration

The E&N Division's EETG has taken on the restoration of our Ex CPR unit 4305.02 (E&N) Fairmont Brush Cutter. This unit was used on Vancouver Island and donated to the E&N Division CRHA back in the early 1990s. At that time it was restored back to working condition and used on the CN line at Tide Water in Cowichan Bay. It then spent a number of years clearing brush for the Alberni Pacific Railway. Time has taken its toll on the unit and it is now currently in Parksville under restoration. The unit is now stripped down to its frame. New metal and much work is going into the structure at this time, more photos to follow.

Update: The unit has received a safety yellow paint job. Hydraulic lines have been repositioned and electrical redone. The gearbox has been restored. The vacuum brake has been repaired and restored. The unit is in the process of being reassembled and put through operational tests. New decals and markings have also been added.