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Notice: ATV Operators & Parksville/Port Alberni Rail Corridor

The Port Alberni Subdivision Rail Corridor is an active rail line; therefore expect rail equipment on the track at any given time.


Every year people lose their lives because they are unaware of the hazards associated with trespassing on railway property, or because they disregard railway crossing warning signs and signals.


Trespassing on railroad property is illegal and dangerous.

Prevent a senseless tragedy by keeping and steering clear of train tracks — at all times — in all places.


The Port Alberni Subdivision is active with equipment on the track at any given time; making it dangerous for both yourself and our track crews as well due to the high collision risk.

Under the Canadian Federal Trespass Act, the fine for trespassing on railroad property is $125.00 issued to each individual. Here are some tips for proper railroad safety — please review them below.


Railroad Safety Tips:

  • Riding an ATV/Bike on the railroad right of way and property is illegal and dangerous.

  • You can't always see or hear equipment approaching and it can travel on any track, in either direction, at any time.

  • Your helmet, the engine, wind, and weather may muffle the sound of an approaching train or maintenance of way equipment.

  • Locomotives, maintenance equipment, hi-rail trucks, and railway cars are wider than the rails and railroad bridges or trestles. Rock cuts, tunnels, bridges, and trestles allow for little or no room for you and your ATV or Bike.

  • It is illegal and dangerous to trespass on railway property. Cross only at designated locations (i.e. marked railway crossings).

  • Ride on approved trails only, NOT railroad tracks! Look for posted signs warning that you are approaching a railroad crossing. These signs may vary in any size, shape or colour.

Stay safe and keep our track forces safe; please keep away from railway property and don't trespass.

Prevent a senseless tragedy.

Look Listen & Live.


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