Maintaining the Port Sub

This is a large and sometimes difficult project with rock slides and ongoing maintainence with the attended difficulties of transporting equipment to rural areas without using a railcar. We cannot use large rail equipment at the moment due to tie and trestle conditions. If you wish to make a donation to support our goals, feel free to visit the donations page.

All donations are gratefully accepted!  

Our goal, is to continue with maintenance on the Port Sub and keep the line open, free of brush and clear of other obstacles. In the future we hope to possibly have a tourist train run to Parksville or over to Qualicum Beach from Port Alberni. Our only barrier is the condition of the trestles along the line. Click Here to sign the petition, support our goals and help save these vital structures.

East End Track Gang (EETG)

(Port Alberni Sub MOW Crew)

The East End Track Gang (EETG) was formed in May 2009 to maintain the east side of the Alberni Summit (AKA the "Hump") on the subdivision. When members of the E&N Division CRHA and some Alberni Pacific Railway volunteers agreed upon a goal to reopen the Port Alberni Subdivision from Parksville (MP 0.0) to Port Alberni (MP 33.33); APR maintaining the west side and their portion into Port to MP 39.0. The rest of the line into Port Alberni from the McLean Mill NHS (MP 33.33) to the Port Alberni Station (MP 39.0) is used by APR for the steam tourist train. The purpose of this goal was to open the line for a future tourist train over the "Hump" and/or other operations to keep the line in use and save it from becoming lost under vegetation forever. This was a huge task to undertake but we all knew it could and would be completed. The ROW from MP 0.0 to 33.33 is now open for MOW equipment and work crews. The EETG maintains the subdivision on a regular basis.

Fairmont Brushcutter

The E&N Division's East End Track Gang has taken on the restoration of our Ex CPR unit 4305.02 (E&N) Fairmont Brush Cutter. This unit was used on Vancouver Island and donated to the E&N Division CRHA back in the early 1990's. At that time it was restored back to working condition and used on the CN line at Tide Water in Cowichan Bay. It then spent a number of years clearing brush for the Alberni Pacific Railway. Time has taken it's toll on the unit and it is now currently in Parksville under restoration. The unit is now stripped down to it's frame. New metal and much work is going into the structure at this time, more photos to follow.

Fairmont Brushcutter Restoration Gallery


The unit has received a safety yellow paint job. Hydraulic lines have been repositioned and electrical redone. The gearbox has been restored. The vacuum brake has been restored and repaired. The unit is in the processes of being put back together and put through operational tests. New and old decals and markings have also been added.